Sovereign Amonsoquath Band of Cherokee


Secotan village on the Pamlico River at Aquascagoc and other such happenings, Powhatan warriors joined with the Secotan to destroy the English colony at Roanoke (North Carolina).

In 1607 Powhatan was warned by his priests that from the ocean a nation would arise and destroy the Powhatan race, and that twice Powhatan would overthrow the invaders but the third time would result in the extinction of the Powhatan Confederacy. At the time of the English landing in 1607 Powhatan was then 70 years old and Pocahontas, his youngest of 30 children, was then fourteen years of age, being born in 1593, in the village of Amonute on Bear Creek. Her mother was Amopotoiske.

In 1607 Captain John Smith sailed up the James River to the falls where he was turned back by Tanx-Powhatan (Little), chief of the Powhatan village at the falls. Thirty miles above the falls was the Monacan village of Sioux who occupied the area from the Big Island to the mountains.

Returning downstream, Captain Smith was met at the mouth of the Pamunkey River by Opechancanough, chief of the Pamunkey and Powhatan's youngest brother and second in line to supreme chieftain. Opechancanough's tribal capital was on the Pamunkey River above Werowocomoco. The Powhatans, Pamunkeys, and Arrohatecks were friendly to the settlers

at first while the Paspaheghs and the Weanocs were hostile. The Appomatecks didn't want anything to do with the settlers. The chief of the Appomatocs was a Weroansqua (woman chieftain).

In tribal customs the chieftain followed from first born down to the youngest male. The succession was matrilineal; hereditary leadership fell first to surviving male siblings, then to female siblings and to their offspring.

In June, 1607, the Paspoheghs attacked Jamestown and, if not for the ship's guns, would have defeated and wiped the settlers out. There were over 300 warriors in the attack. (The Martin's lineage started with the settlement of Jamestown and spread into what is now West Virginia).

On August 18, 1607, John Martin, son of Captain Martin died. By the end of the year, there would be less than fifty survivors of the Jamestown settlement. By September, 1607, Captain Ratcliffe would replace President Wingfield. By November, 1607, with the survivors of Jamestown down to less than forty and without any food to eat, the local tribes gave them corn.Still, the English had not met Powhatan.

On December 1607, John Smith, with nine men, headed up the Chickahominy River for two reasons; one, to find the source of the Chickahominy River and two, to find Powhatan. During the middle of January,- 1608, Captain Smith was forty miles upriver at Apokant, last of the Chickahominy villages. Smith, with two Chickahomony as guides, went twenty miles above the village of Apokant. Captain Smith was taken prisoner by a Pamunkey hunting party. He was taken to Chief Opechancanough. later, Opechancanough would take Captain Smith to Powhatan by the long way around. This trip would be in a cross-country tour; up to the headwaters of the Pamunkey and down again, overland to the Peankotonk River, to the Mattaponi, the Rappahannock, and the Potomac. This was to see if Captain John Smith was the one who had murdered and kidnapped along the coast a few years before. [It was the Spanish]. At this time


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