Sovereign Amonsoquath Band of Cherokee

8) Lost “Clan” (flag-red with white stars)

[Adopted clans from other tribe or guest]

Totems-Black Bear, Storm Cloud, Cole, Moon

Seed, Carolina Parrot, Black Locus {cutter and

gatherer of Slippery Elm for Potato Clan} Last

to be served Black Drink

1) Wolf (flag-red with white stars)

Totems-Terrapin Turtle, Pine Tree (white),

Coneflower, Mica, Wild Turkey, Hornet {Cutter

and gatherer of Dogwood for Bird Clan} First to

be served Black Drink

5) Deer (flag-purple with yellow stars)

Totems-Squirrel, Ant (red), Redheaded

Woodpecker, Mudstone, Oak, Deer (white)

{cutter and gatherer of Blood Root for Paint

Clan} Fifth to be served Black Drink

3) Bird (flag-blue with red stars) Totems-Bat,

Chirt, Carp, Yellow Hammer-Flicker, Flying

Squirrel, Green Fly, Dogwood {cutter and

gatherer of Coneflower for Wolf Clan} Third to

be served Black Drink

4) Twister (flag-white with black stars)

Totems-Snowy Egret, Red Cedar, Cut worm,

Rattlesnake, Coyote, River Cane {cutter and

gatherer of Holly for Blue Clan} Middle to be

served Black Drink

6) Red Paint (flag-black with red stars)

Totems-Sassafras, Paint Stone, Snapping

Turtle, Scarlet Bunting (or Red Bird), Staghorn

Beetle, Blood Root, Red Clay {cutter and

gatherer of White Oak for Deer Clan} Sixth to

be served Black Drink

7) Wild Potato (flag-yellow with green stars)

Totems-Elm(Slippery), Black Cougar, Rabbit,

Mole, Raven, Obsidian, Corn, Cinnamon Bear

{cutter and gatherer of Black Locus for Bear

Clan} Seventh to be served Black Drink

2) Blue Holly (flag-blue with white stars)

Totems-Turquoise, Blue Bunting (or Blue Jay),

Black Willow, Blue Clay, Sourwood, Holly

(Cassine), Otter {cutter and gatherer of Red

Cedar for Twister Clan} Second to be served

Black Drink

Clan Surnames

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