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 Our Algonquian Heritage

In Vol, 15 of the Smithsonian Hdb. of NA Indians (Northeast), there is an

article by Gordon Day and Bruce Trigger about Algonquin (as opposed to

Algonquian). The first term is applied to "a group of closely related bands

that inhabited the Ottawa valley and adjacent regions to the east in the

first half of the seventeenth century" (p. 792).

There is more info about

the peoples and the language there. The second term (Algonquian /

Algonkian) is used for the whole family of related languages that include

Micmac, Maliseet, Montagnais, Anishinabe (Ojibwa, Chippewa), Cree,

Blackfoot, and so on.

There is also a suggestion about the source of these words in that article:

Maliseet _elakomkwik_ (accent on the "o") 'they are our relatives.' The

articles on various peoples in the Handbook volumes usually include toward

the end a section called "Synonymy" with information on the possible sources

of the names for the peoples, other designations and so on.

Many Amonsoquaths have Algonquin Bear Clan blood also.. 

Algonquin "Shaman"

An Algonquian Shaman

The chief religious figure among the Algonquian-speaking Indians was the medicine person, or spiritual leader. He or she had received dreams and visions, giving him power to heal the sick or drive out evil spirits.

The drawing above shows an Algonquian shaman making his medicine.

He/she chants as he/she mixes various ingredients together, while shaking a gourd rattle.


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Names of Algonquin (language of the Powhatan) women:

Alawa= pea.

Alsoomse= independent one.

Chepi= Fairy.

Hausis, Hausisse= Old woman.

Hurit= Beautiful.

Kanti= She sings.

Keegsquaw= Virgin.

Kimi= Secret.

Nadie= Wise One.

Nijlon= Mistress.

Nittawosew= She is not sterile.

Numees= Sister. Nuttah= My Heart.

Oota Dabun= Day Star.

Pauwau= Witch.

Pules= Pigeon.

Sokanon= Rain.

Sokw= Sour.

Sooleawa= Silver.

Tahki= Cold.

Wikimak= Wife.

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