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All Cherokee descendants are welcome to enroll here, but here is a little insight into the impact of Powhatan Blood on the Cherokee Nation gene pool

Powhatan Surnames on Cherokee Rolls 1817 through 1909

Full names and roll numbers will be added as time permits.

Cherokees of Powhatan descent surnames on the Cherokee Nation Reservation Roll of 1817

24 persons

Brown, Burgess, Eldridge, Looney, Scott, Smith, Walker, Wilson


Cherokees of Powhatan descent surnames on the Emigration Rolls 1817-1835

98 persons

Boling, Bolling, Burgess, Cross, Davis, Elliot, Fields,Griffin Harris, Ledbetter, Martin, McIntosh, Rodgers, West, Wilson

Cherokees of Powhatan descent surnames on the Henderson Roll 1835

64 persons

Davis, Elliot, Fields, Green, Harris, Harrison, Martin, Nicholson, Rodgers, Scott, Taylor, Taylor, Walker, Wilson

Cherokees of Powhatan descent surnames on the Mullay Roll 1848 (remaining in NC after the removal of 1838)

23 persons

Blair, Davis, Martin, Smith, Ward, Wilson, Carter, Coleman, Davis, Elliot, Fields, Harris, Martin, Nichols, Rogers, Rodgers, Smith, Taylor, Thomas, Ward, West.

Cherokees of Powhatan descent surnames on the Siler Roll 1851

Carter (56 persons) Coleman (10 persons) Davis (39 persons) Elliot (47) Fields 29 persons) Harris (21) Martin (6) Nichols (6) Rogers (10) Rodgers (22) Smith (22) Taylor (9) Thomas (15) Ward (18) West (7)

Cherokees of Powhatan descent surnames on the Swetland Roll 1869

Wilson (10 persons)

Cherokees of Powhatan descent surnames on the Hester Roll 1883

299 persons

Davis (64), Fields (6), Green (11), Martin (12), McCoy (22), Murray (7), Nichols (2), Robertson (9), Rogers (38), Smith (67), Taylor (15), Thomas (24), Webster (6), West (3), Wilson (13)

Cherokees of Powhatan descent surnames on the Churchill Roll 1908

258 persons

Coleman (14), Davis (18), Martin (9), Mashburn (9), McCoy (1)4, Payne (11), Rodgers (12), Smith (60), Taylor (32), Webster (6), Welch (49), Wilson (24)  

Cherokees of Powhatan descent surnames on the Guion Miller Roll 1909

468 persons

Brown (22), Bunch (4), Burgess (13), Carter (3), Craig (11), Davis (73), Fields (1), Green (5), Harris (10), Martin (20), Mashburn (14), McCoy (15), Nichols (3), Payne (27), Randolph (1), Robertson (2), Rodgers (25), Smith (99), Swift (3), Taylor (30), Thomas (23), Walker (4), Webster (6), Welch (39), West (2), Wilson (13)

Cherokees of Powhatan descent on the Baker Roll 1924

401 Persons

Brown(9), Burgess(17), Cantrell(2), Carter(3), Clark(3), Craig(11), Davis(15), Green(11), Harris(8), Martin(10), Mashburn(25), McCoy(21), Nichols(1), Payne(38), Rodgers(11), Smith(90), Taylor(49), Walker(5), Webster(9), Welch(58), West(5)

Cherokees of Powhatan descent on the Western Cherokee Old Settler Roll 1851

396 persons who came with Chief Bowles

Archer(3), Blevins(1), Brown(17), Bryant(11), Burgess(12), Clark(3), Daniel(11), Davis(8), Eldridge(9), Fields(18), Griffin(18), Harris(5), Hawkins(9), Hendricks(14), Marcum(1), Martin(17), May(4), McCoy(2), Mitchell(8), Morgan(14), Payne(8), Robertson(6), Rogers(53), Scott(24), Smith(32), Walker(4), Ward(35), Welch(6), West(14) Wilson(19)

Cherokees of Powhatan descent on the Drennan Roll - 1852

"Trail of Tears"

Blair pg 34, Boling pg 35, Clark pg 64, Coon pg 70, Coons pg 70, Davis pg 80, Edwards pg 90, Elliot pg 92, Fields pg 96 & 97, Green pg 107, Griffin pg 107, Harris pg 111 & 112, Harrison pg 112, Hawkins pg 112, Hendricks pg 112-3, Martin pg 153, McCoy pg 155, McIntosh pg 157, Mitchell pg 160, Moore pg 161, Nicholson pg 173, Payne pg 189, Robertson pg 206, Rogers pg 206, Scott pg 219, Taylor pg 252, Thomas pg 258, Webster pg 233, Welch pg 233& 234, West pg 234 & 235, Wilson 238 & 239

Cherokees of Powhatan descent on the Dawes/Guion Miller Rolls - 1898-1914

will be added soon!

 We were the first Cherokees to go to Missouri and Arkansas, starting to arrive here in 1652.

We are a traditional Tsalagi Tribe,practice as much of the Old Religion as we were taught, with a 7 clan system, with a special status... viewed by the BIA as a historical Powhatan/Cherokee tribe that is totally unique and separate from the Northern Cherokees Nation(s)... who are all doing great work and making great strides for Cherokees as a whole. We are all one nation, after all... just need to work on Unity!

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