Sovereign Amonsoquath Band of Cherokee

Goals and Objectives of Organization

  1. To preserve, present, protect and document Amonsoquath Cherokee history, culture and folkways; and
  2. To maintain, preserve and protect all documents, enrollment records and Tribal Council administration of the Amonsoquath Cherokee Indian Band of Missouri. To create an archival repository to care for and collect historical papers that are relative to the Amonsoquath Cherokees. To maintain a Amonsoquath Cherokee controlled archive to collect, preserve, and care for historical documents; and
  3. To enhance a more tolerant society based on the understanding of the society's diverse culture and individualism; and
  4. To help Native American people to become socially and economically self-sufficient and self-determined; and
  5. To create an awareness within the Native American community concerning the heritage, culture, history, and legacy of their ancestors, particularly for the younger generation; and
  6. To promote and create the awareness of Amonsoquath Cherokee and Native American arts, history, culture, and it's contributions to the development of America and Missouri in particular among the general public. To promote the unique culture of Native America and the Amonsoquath Cherokees through publications, exhibitions, residency programs, symposiums, festivals, Powwows, and workshops; and
  7. To offer assistance to researchers, biographers and history enthusiasts regarding Amonsoquath Cherokee information; and
  8. To inspire Missouri Native American youth and adults with programs to enhance their individual self- image, self-esteem, develop their skills, develop their traditional and contemporary talents and their leadership potential; and
  9. To provide an intertribal forum for the Native American people throughout the State of Missouri to caucus, to discuss educational, health, spiritual, and economic development needs of their respective communities; and
  10. To foster a spirit of unified voice among the Native American communities; and
  11. To help improve the quality of life for Amonsoquath Cherokees and other Native Americans in the State of Missouri.

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