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"It is dehumanizing to suggest that there is some magic amount of Indian blood that is sufficient or insufficient to make one an Indian," Kevin Gover, BIA Assistant Secretary of the Interior to the The New London, CT  Day, on May 14, 2000"

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State Historical Society of Missouri -- Native American Genealogy some truths and a few blatant falsehoods 

Response Letter to The  Missouri State Historical Society

concerning your inaccurate webpage at

 Thanks for the effort, buts sometimes we Missouri Indians have to shock people back into reality!

We have a few things to say concerning the website at

Much is true, but sadly, some of what is said here is patently untrue, and written from a white viewpoint. As a historian, you should know that history is always written by the victors. That makes liars out of "historians," and dupes of those who perpetuate those lies.

In Missouri today, this is because there is no official recognition, by the State Legislature, or by and Indian Commission set up to do such, other than the proclamations issued by Gov. Bond and Gov. Carnahan, and a MO House resolution passed in 1984, which resolved nothing at all.

The truth is, Naive American tribes stayed in the state, stayed hidden, and kept detailed rolls.

Your page says:

"There are many unique challenges encountered when researching Native American (Indian) genealogy. The traditions, naming customs and kinship systems varied widely among tribes; therefore, it is usually necessary that the researcher become familiar with those that pertain to a particular tribe. "

Absolutely. Have them come to us and we will reorient them!

Your page goes on to say:

"Our reference library has a splendid Indian collection for the historian, "

(QUESTION: I kinda doubt you have any non-federally recognized indian tribal genealogy resources. Have you got our genealogy book, "The Amonsoquath Tribe of Cherokee" by Martin Wilson, published in 1994?

We have a 40,000 age genealogical collection right here on the Van Buren, Carter County property!)

Your page goes on to say:

"but our published sources are incomplete for tracing Indian genealogy. By 1836, Indian tribes in Missouri had been removed... "

(WRONG! They thought they did! Why then, are there 21 Indian groups in Missouri, and now several have filed for federal recognition? Two tribes, The Amonsoquath and Northern Cherokee Nation of the Old Louisiana Territory (NCNOLT) receive Administration for Native Americans (ANA) grants from the U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services, which federally agency recognizes our sovereignty as Indian Tribes!

We Missouri Indians hid out until recently, when Missouri finally dropped, unceremoniously, it's anti-indian laws from its book not long ago. They did not even bother to repeal them so they still have force of law!! We have copies of all the old statutes to prove this.

Your page goes on to say:

"and no longer had claims to any Missouri land."

(WRONG! Our land claims are just as valid now as they were in 1794 when we got the land from Spain, as Bonaparte did NOT sell them to the U.S. The NCNOLT Government was recognized by Spain.)

Your page goes on to say:

"The Society does not have, nor are we aware of, lists of rolls of Indians in Missouri. "

All Missouri non-profit corporations, The Sac River and White River Band Chickamauga Cherokee Nation of OK, MO, and AR, Inc. and the Northern Cherokee Nation of the Old LA Territory Inc., whose website you should also certainly be linking to from that page at, and we, the Amonsoquath Tribe of Cherokee Inc. , at, have always had extensive genealogical rolls and holdings. We just kept them secret until about 10 years ago. Why have you not done anything in 10 years to catalog them?

Your page goes on to say:

"Individuals who left the "Trail of Tears"

did not maintain their tribal status in most cases. "

(WRONG! In most cases they did, secretly. Tribal status has nothing to do with U.S. or MO Law. This is genocidal propaganda the federal and state government want the public to believe. Our website eads like the Soviet version of Russian history!)

"Please note below some agencies you might find helpful in your research"

Please link to us!

end of quotes from your website....


FYI, we Amonsoquath received a huge grant of land from Spain, which LA said they did NOT pass on the the U.S. in the LA Purchase Treaty, and  Bonaparte made a point to say in that treaty that he did not own these lands. The Treaty of the Louisiana Purchase, and the Treaty of Ghent guaranteed our land rights, but the 1834 Non-intercourse Act of Congress allowed Missouri "legally" steal our lands.

The Passamaquoddy won Aboriginal Title from the courts, and their lands back in Maine, after they sued and settled out of court over the 1795 Non-Intercourse Act.

We are "using the master old cast of tools to ear down his house." We use the law of the land and the courts now, not bullets and tomahawks.

MIssouri does not have an Indian problem. Because MO does not recognize that any Indians exist in MO, and we have a letter from Speaker of the House of MO quoting Carnahan as saying that, we Indians have the same old   kind of problems the Blacks had 50 years ago. It gets old.

Want to know what's going on in Indian genealogy? Ask an indian genealogist!



Scott Anderson, B.S 1979 Agency Administration - Brigham Young University,

 Cherokee and Virginia Powhatan Lineage Specialist and Genealogist

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