Sovereign Amonsoquath Band of Cherokee


January: Nvda Kanawoga or "Cold Moon"

This time of the season is a time for personal and ritual observance, fasting and personal purification. During this season, familiesprepare for the coming of the new seasons, starting in Windy Moon Anuyi or March. Personal items and tools for planting are repaired, and new ones made. Stories about ancestors and the family are imparted to the younger ones by the elders. Amid-Winter or "Cold Moon Dance" is usually held in the community as well, marking the passing or ending of one cycle ofseasons and welcoming the beginning of the new cycle. Hearth fires are put out and new ones made. The putting out of Firesand lighting of new ones anciently is the duty of certain "priest" of certain clans, and coincides with the first new-arrival of themorning star (Sun's daughter, now called Venus) in the east.

February: Nvda Kola "Bone Moon

They called it bony moon because a long time ago the Cherokee had little to eat so they chewed on bones and boiled them

March: Nvda Unole "Windy Moon"


MARCH: Windy Moon Anuyi "First New Moon" of the new seasons. Traditional start of the new cycle of planting seasons or Moons. New town council fires are made. The figure used to portray this moon is the historic figure of Kanati, one of the many beings created by the "Apportioner" Unethlana. These "helpers" were variously charged with the control of the life elements of the earth: air/earth/fire/water. Their domains are the sky, earth, stars and the Seven Levels of the universe.

  April: Nvda Atsilvsgi "Flower Moon"

May :Nvda Gahlvsga "Planting Moon"

It is time for the Cherokee to sow their seeds like corn, yams, tomatoes, potatoes, beans, squash, and sunflowers. It is a time of the year to do the Corn Dance

Families traditionally prepare the fields and sow them with the stored seeds from last season. Corn, beans, squashes, tomatoes, potatoes, yams and sunflowers are some food planted at this time. A dance traditionally done at this time is the "Corn Dance".

Two male leaders carried hoops with four spokes, each with a white feather at the end. The remainder of the dance is described as follows: other pairs in the center and at the end of the dancing column also carried hoops. All of the remaining couples carried white pine boughs in their right hands. The dance movement was circular, and in the center was a man with asmall box. He danced around within the circle, singing as he did so, and as he passed by the dancers, each dropped a piece of tobacco in the box..


June: Nvda Selu Itse Iyusdi "Green Corn Moon"

The Galoni Moon is a time for the Proud Cherokee to gather ther fruit from the trees and bushes. Herbs and medicines are gathered at this time also.

The Green Corn festivals are held in this Moon. AniNudawegi gather from the lakes and streams.

July: Nvda Utsidsata "Corn In Tassel Moon"

The new moon has started. The Guyegwoni Moon.

It is a time for the Proud Cherokee to thank Mother Earth and Unethlana.

It is a time for the Green Corn Dance and to play AniStusti.

By the end of this Moon the Cherokee will have a new Chief.

It will be a Moon that all Cherokee will remember a Moon that will clean the Nation.


Aug. Nvda Selu Uwanvsa "Ripe Corn Moon"

Well here we are again it is time for the first new moon ceremony.

I hope all the Proud Cherokee are well.

Now is the time to relight the Scared Fire by the fire maker.

Does any one have a deer tongue to Sacrifice?

Well what a great time it is. I predict that all the corn will grow like never before.

You no corn will grow better when it snows.

It is a time for the Cherokee to have the Ripe Corn Festival.

It is a time to acknowledge Selu the First Woman, she is the spirit of the corn.

The festival respects Mother Earth as well for providing all foods during the growing season.

The Brush Feast Festival is in this Moon also it is a time to gather all fruits and nuts from bushes and trees of the forest to make the traditional Nutbreads.

It is a time when we start to hunt.

I hope all will come to the Cherokee National Holiday and have a good time.

This is a time for all Proud Cherokees to see the new Chief and to be Proud Cherokees once again, now that byrd has been defeated.

All that is left is to remove the byrdmen parasites that remain in power sucking blood from the Nation.

Archie Kidwell Wright Jr.

Sept. Nvda Udatanv Agisdi Ulisdv End of Fruit

Oct. Nvda Udatanv Nut

It will soon be time for the Great New Moon Ceremony. It is a time for the Proud Cherokee to give thanks to the liveing things of the feilds and earth that help them live.

It is a time to give thanks to Unthlana the Apportioner.

It is a time to go to water seven times for purification. It is a time to use the Sacred Crystal to see what is in store for the Health of the Proud Cherokee.

It is a time to share.

Nov. Nvda Tsiyahloha Harvest

Dec. Nvda Ganohalidoha Hunting

13 th. Nvda Gutiha Snow Moon

DECEMBER: Snow Moon Usgiyi

The spirit being, "Snow Man", brings the cold and snow for the earth to cover the high places while the earth rests until the rebirthof the seasons in the Windy Moon Anuyi. Families traditionally were busy putting up and storing goods for the next cycle of seasons. Elders enjoyed teaching and re telling ancient stories of the people to the young.


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