Sovereign Amonsoquath Band of Cherokee

 Old to New

Old to New  

We are in a times of many changes, In the old scientific world the paradigm is thrashing, groaning, and lashing out as we hear the constant message "This hasn't worked. It's time to change."

It is time that we return to the knowledge and wisdom of the wisdom of the old and ancient cultures and the wisdom of our Elders---while we are aware of the new times that indicates changes in both the structure and form of the world today as well as in our choice to be willing to except the changes,that need to be done.  

As we become more opened minded and willing to except that the Elders are telling us, and willing to may the changes. Then we can't move forward. We have a purpose on Mother Earth, and we have to change and come together, we must be willing to recognize that the time of change is NOW, or the next generation,will not know what they are suppose to do.  

Changes requires that a time to change requires that we be present, that we learn from our past, that we do not cling to a "Known" that is not working. We need the courage to make new ones and cast them into the Sky Vault and ask for there guidance, and strength. To make the changes that is necessary, for us and all future generations....

Native people's wisdom helps me move into a new way of being on this planet


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