Sovereign Amonsoquath Band of Cherokee

The Shadow Walker

There is not one of us who has not been taken in by a Shadow Walker.

What is this thing that causes so much distress in our lives?

A Shadow Walker is a person who wears many masks

(we shall use the empirical "he" here; not to denote gender, but for simplicity).

He is the person who oozes charm to everyone he meets.

He offers help and assistance, support, loving kindness.

He is the perfect good will ambassador with lofty ideals,

great concern for the welfare of mankind

and a deep belief in the brotherhood of all people.

What a wonderful person! You get to know him.

You relax around him, begin to rely upon his word and his judgment.

You confide in him about your work,

your family life and the most personal aspects of yourself.

He is your friend. He would do anything for you.

You trust him. He is not real.

It is a mask he wears in public

that has nothing to do with the reality of who he is.

The Shadow Walker will take all your confidences and use them against you.

He begins to gossip about you.

He twists your words to use to his own best advantage.

He makes false accusations about you and,

because everyone knows what a wonderful and caring person

he is, he is believed.

He steals your thoughts, words,

and the plans you may have shared with him, and makes them his own.

He takes full credit while laughing at you for being a fool.

You have been betrayed.

He takes advantage of every good thing he has learned about you,

and then turns his back on you. He is finished with you.

You have nothing more for him to take.

He moves on to his next mark,

oozing charm and self confidence.

The Shadow Walker is dangerous.

He has destroyed marriages,

stolen lives,

cost some their jobs,

and driven some to violence, alcoholism, drug abuse, or suicide.

More often than not,

the Shadow Walker is the product of an environment

which battered his own view of himself until

he was convinced that he had no value.

His self esteem and feelings of personal value

and self worth have been virtually destroyed.

At some point, he has learned to lie, to steal, to manipulate

and to "con" in order to create an image of the person he considers successful.

He does this by absorbing the heart,

spirit and essence of those he admires but can never be.

Nothing is beyond him, and nothing is sacred to him.

He has learned how to create the mask that

will give him access to people he considers valuable to him.

He actively searches them out.

He uses them up and throws them away.

How do you fight a Shadow Walker?

You can't.

Once you have been chosen as his mark,

everything you do will be used against you.

If you speak out against him,

you will only arouse sympathy in others for him.

If you try to fight him,

they will defend him.

He is a master at his game,

and you don't even know the rules.

The natural reaction is to strike back in anger

and righteous indignation.

The need for revenge is strong.

You have been betrayed at every level of your being,

and the hurt you feel is intense.


a financial loss may also be involved.

If there is legal action you can take,

then take it

and leave the details of the battle to others.

I have worked with many people

who have suffered at the hands of such deceivers.

The only way to effectively deal with a Shadow Walker

is to distance yourself,

cut your losses,

learn your lesson,

and walk away.

Rebuild your own dignity and value as a human being.

Don't allow your feelings against the Shadow Walker to alter your dealings

with other honorable and ethical people.

Control the impulse to be overly suspicious

and distrustful of everyone.

It's a natural survival instinct after such an experience,

but remember what life was like before the Shadow Walker.

You are a good and honorable person.

This is the belief and attitude

that will carry you through the ordeal.

Be strong, for you walk in the light.

Author Unknown

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