Sovereign Amonsoquath Band of Cherokee


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Tsolvgayvli (Ancient Tobacco) is wild tobacco that ws used for all religious and religious and ceremonial pipe smoking. Tobacco was also Tsolv from a word some say mean fire to hold in the mouth." Tobacco was grown wild and never cultivated in the fields. Tsolvgayvli was both a sacred messenger and a healer of all sickness, and an arbitrator in all things. In the old days, plant told man of Tsolvgayvli's power as a medicine. Every Tsalagi,man or woman, was free to use tobacco in their distress or to aid another, as long as it was used with dignity and given the respect its sacredness deserved.

Every important treaty or agreement was followed bt smoking a pipe. The White Pipe of Peace was used at all peace agreements. Before the pipe was to be passed around, the Adawehi lit the pipe, using fire from the Sacred Fire, and blew four puffs of smoke in each directions of the Four Winds, and three more Up Above, Down below and here in the Center. Then the pipe was handed to the chief who was facing east.

He puffed the pipe and passed it to his right. Each smoker passed the pipe to his right until the pipe had completed the circle. The pipe was handed to the Adawehi The ashes of the smoked pipe or unused tobacco was not allowed to leave the Town House, but was placed into the Sacred Fire. If a pipe was smoked away from the Scared Fire and not during an offical ceremony, the pipe holder would make sure all of the tobacco used before he cleaned the ashes out of the pipe. The ashes of the tobacco were returned to soil of Mother Earth.

Tobacco could be smoked in a personal pipes when the stories of old were told or when warriors were telling of their feats. Tobacco could be used at any gathering for use in relaxing, but it was to be used with dignity and not in excess.

When tobacco was used as a medicine, both smoke and juice had healing qualities. Although the medicinal powers were strong for anyone who used tobacco, its strength was greater when used by an Adawehi in conjunction with sacred incarnations.

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